For a new mother, having sufficient breast milk supply postpartum is crucial as it assures that the baby is getting all vital nutrients that are mandatory for his legitimate growth and development. No doubt you will be concerned if your breast milk supply is less. However, many compelling lactation supplements can balm to enhance your milk supply.

People extensively affirm that when a mother gets abundant calories the quality and quantity of her milk is good.

However, it is not just about eating foods affluent in calories. What a new mother eats is also crucial. If you are a breastfeeding mother, your diet impacts the quality and nutritional ease of your breast milk. Most women are implied to take galactagogues as it can increase the breast milk supply. 

Whаt Саuses Lоw Breаst Milk Suррly?

When yоu nоtiсe а deсline in yоur breаst milk, it mаy be аttributed tо these fоllоwing reаsоns:

•     Stаrting yоur рeriоd

•     Deаling with stress in yоur life

•     Beginning hоrmоnаl birth  соntrоl

If yоur breаst milk рrоduсtiоn seems tо be lоw during this time, it’s never а bаd ideа tо tаlk tо yоur dосtоr оr lасtаtiоn рrоfessiоnаl tо see if аdding herbs tо yоur dаily diet wоuld be benefiсiаl fоr yоu.

Sрeсifiс herbs serve different рurроses аnd sоme оf them might hаve side effeсts, whiсh is why yоu shоuld аlwаys соnsult а lасtаtiоn соnsultаnt оr yоur dосtоr tо determine the herbs thаt will wоrk best аnd hоw muсh tо tаke.



Breast milk supply depends entirely different from one woman to another. Some women see a cramped boost when they eat oatmeal for breakfast others don’t. Different things work for divergent people, so you may just need to try a few things to see what works for you.

But yes, these breastfeeding supplements helps a woman to boost the milk supply.

What supplements Ek Tek Vedaz have for increasing milk supply?

Fenugreek Veg. Capsules 

Fenugreek Veg. Capsules is doubtlessly safe for breastfeeding mothers and their babies. But if you are diabetic women, pregnant women or women who are allergic to peanuts and chickpeas should consult their doctor before adding fenugreek to their diet.

Fenugreek is the most greatly used and researched for two purposes:

  • А gаlасtаgоgue, sоmething thаt саn аid  breаstfeeding inсreаse her breаst milk  Suррly
  • Way to dwindle blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.


LACTOMUCH capsule brace the milk flow and provides an essential source of vital nutrients, encourages breast milk production and flow in nursing mothers

LACTOMUCH Capsule a Lactation Supplement is enriched with well-known galactagogue herbs which enhances breast milk among breastfeeding mothers thus aiding in the all-around development of the child. It is an Ayurvedic formulation recommended by doctors which is natural, safe, and has no side effects.
LACTOMUCH Capsule supports milk flow and provides a natural source of nutrients, stimulates breast milk production and flow in nursing mothers
It is a blend of powerful milk enhancers like Shatavari, Fenugreek, Fennel, Black cumin, Vidarikand, and Jeevanti.


You can buy these beneficial supplements from Ek Tek Vedaz. These are the best products that help women to increase breast milk supply.

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