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  • HIP & JOINT Herbal Veg. Capsules is 100% pure and natural herbal remedy which keep the joints safe from damage and even provides relief from muscle spasms, they have a unique blend of Curcumin and other herbs. HIP & JOINT Capsules is a herbal supplement which provides relief from pain, inflammation of the joints

  • HORSLEEP Veg. Capsules help in deep and restful sleep and useful in full relaxation and relief from restlessness, muscle pain and irritation. It is a combination of Valerian root and Sarpagandha and Jatamansi which helps in sleep disorders like restlessness and irritation.




    MANOLIV Veg. Capsules are highly effective with the goodness of Milk thistle extract, Kasni extract, Punarnava and Bhui amla, help protect the liver against hepatotoxicity which is caused due to antibiotics or alcohol.

  • PILOTEK Veg. capsule is a pure blend of herbs from EK-Tek Vedaz. PILOTEK helps reduce itching, swelling and burning sensation in the anal region and provides relief from constipation, helps in preventing the recurrence of piles.

  • STRESS FREE Veg. Capsules help to build up calmness & a relaxed state of mind and provide relief in anxiety, stress, strain, mood swings, and headache.

    Stress is commonly caused by any kind of emotional or physical stimulus or situation. Most often, people speak of various types of stress like relationship stress, work stress, or parenting stress.

  • ULTRA CURVE Veg. Capsules are helpful in weight management. These capsules also help control unhealthy food cravings and boost the immune system.