Yоu knоw thаt tаking suррlements саn helр build strоng bоdy when yоu dоn’t eаt enоugh nutritiоnаl fооds, but dо yоu reаlly knоw аll thаt yоu shоuld аbоut suррlements?

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  • Fenugreek Veg. Capsules is absolutely safe for breastfeeding mothers and their babies. However, diabetic women, pregnant women, women who are allergic to peanuts and chickpeas, and women with hypothyroidism should consult their doctor before adding fenugreek to their diet. It is a pure extract of Fenugreek 500mg

  • PCOS capsules contain fenugreek seed extract and has been shown to help increase insulin sensitizing activity and peripheral utilization of insulin, correcting increased androgen hormones. It also helps to reduce hypercholesterolemia.

  • LACTOMUCH capsule supports milk flow and provides a natural source of nutrients, stimulates breast milk production and flow in nursing mothers

    LACTOMUCH Capsule a Lactation Supplement is enriched with well known galactogogue herbs. It is an Ayurvedic formulation recommended by doctors which is natural, safe and has no side effects.

  • UT Support Capsules
    – Provide relief from UTI
    – Flushes out and control growth of E. coli. Provides relief in inflammation and swelling of urethra & bladder
    – Relieves burning sensation and pain during urination
    – Reduces swelling and recurrence
    – Provides strength to the urinary system
    – Herbal & safe for long term use
    – In Women: Promotes ideal vaginal pH and vaginal flora to keep you away from bacterial infection.

  • WHITOKOL Veg. capsule is a boon in Leucorrhoea that helps in lowering discharges, lower abdominal pain, and also relieves burning micturition.

    Every woman has systematically some normal vaginal discharges, which means preserving chemical balance and the flexibility of vaginal muscles. It serves as an ordinary defensive system for the vagina. If such discharges out space normal levels and become white or yellow thick liquid with a foul smell, it is called “Leucorrhoea”.